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By Angela Giles

At Showcasing Women, we love to recognize phenomenal women who are forward thinkers. We follow and keep up with some very brilliant minds in the social media arena.

Today we want to share our Top 13 Female Social Media Strategists. These divas are always up on the breaking news within the social media sphere, and they teach us cutting edge strategies. Use this list to follow these social media professionals on Twitter, and to harness their expertise and knowledge to help propel your business forward.

1) Laura Roeder @lkr

Laura Roeder’s focus is small businesses, and she takes a likewise personal approach on the subject. Most of her posts involve answering questions about social marketing and encouraging small businesses that may not have built up much of a following yet. Her email newsletter has over 37,000 subscribers and has been featured by dozens of major news groups.

2) Carla Young  @carlayoung

Carla Young’s Tweets cover a variety of social marketing topics, her main focus is on stay-at-home moms who want to create a business centered around social networking. Her posts include a unique mix of marketing tips and advice for childcare. Carla publishes the online magazine MOMeo.

3) Kristi Hines  @kikolani

Kristi Hines is a jack-of-all-trades writer who Tweets mainly about blog-centric social media. She offers strategies for increasing blog activity, as well as writing advice for copy, ghostwriting, and of course blog writers. Her blog was rated in the Top 10 by Social Media Examiner in 2010.

4) Amber Naslund  @ambercadabra

Amber Naslund is the Co-Founder and President of SideraWorks, a company providing social business strategies and assistance. Her Tweets feature a mix of industry commentary and casual humor. She also runs a productivity and writing blog called Brass Tack Thinking, and is co-writer of the book The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social.

5) Zoe Cairns @zoe_cairns

Zoe Cairns is a Social Media and Video Marketing Trainer from Kent, England. She owns the ZC Social Media Academy that holds meetings at the end of every month. A well-known speaker, Zoe specializes in explaining social media to the professional in a non-threatening and fun way. So much so that they are excited to begin their own implementation or hire her! Visit her at ZC Social Media Academy.

6) Lena West @lenawest

Lena West is the Founder of Influence Expansion Academy, a social media mastermind experience for women entrepreneurs. This is the only social media academy that offers extraordinary results for only $5 a month. Lena has a knack for keeping it simple yet still blowing the socks off of her clients with her results.

7) Ana Hoffman @AnaTrafficCafe

Ana Hoffman runs the blog Traffic Generation Cafe, which focuses on cost-free methods of increasing web traffic. Her Tweets include her blog posts, as well as sharing interesting links on the subject written by others.

8) Emer O’Leary @socialemer

Emer O’Leary is a United Kingdom-based Social Media Diva who keeps it real and simple. Every Monday she delivers bite size tips for her audience to implement. Her tweets are a mixture of the latest social media news and strategies. If you are a busy professional on the go, following Emer and visiting her at Social Sorted is a must!

9) Cher Jones @itscherjones

Cher Jones just gets social media! A Social Media Diva from Toronto, Canada, Cher’s content is rich, packed full of information, and is exactly what one would expect from a top notch Social Media consultant. She has personality plus, as exemplified in her Tweets and on her website Socially Active.

10) Amanda Hill @amanda_hill

Amanda Hill, owner of The Social Media Café is also based out of the United Kingdom and is the social media news queen. Her Tweets always share the latest news, and she dives into and dissects existing sales strategies and provides solutions to her audience. Amanda is a must-follow for the entrepreneur looking for out-of-the-box creative thinking!

11) Stephanie Smith @ohbelleville

Stephanie Smith has been a Social Media Strategist literally since the beginning of its existence. Being both a mom and a lover of social media, Stephanie understands the fine art of juggling various entities and excelling at them all! You will find her busy promoting her clients’ businesses, not her own! I love that she is all about her clients. If you are a professional who loves to be pampered and catered to, Stephanie is the Social Media Diva for YOU! Contact her via Twitter or her Contact page.

12) Lisa McKenzie @lisamckenzie

Lisa McKenzie just gets the job done! A Social Media Marketing Strategist whose bottom line is all about results. Her uplifting Tweets are a mixture of motivation and social selling. She has the rare art of making everything beautiful and sexy, even the boring day-to-day duties that social media sometimes demands. You can find Lisa in the fun city of Montreal and at LisaMcKenzie.com.

13) Leticia Tech Savvy Mama @techsavvymama

Leticia’s moniker says it all. She teaches family Internet safety, and is a blogging and social media strategist. Nominated as one of Babble’s Top 50 Twitter Moms, she is a must-follow for any parent and professional who wants a cutting-edge social media blogging strategy, in addition to tips on Internet safety for their kiddos. Visit her on Twitter or at Tech SavvyMama.com.

Of course, if you’re not already following Showcasing Women on Twitter, we’d love for you to join us!

We welcome feedback on what you thought of our list. Who else should have been included that we missed? We would be happy to consider them for a future post. Please also share with us in the Comments below!

Learn.  Share.  Thrive.
Angela and Suzanne


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