Twitter in the Classroom « Tame The Web

David Silver writes:

this semester, twitter is the main mode of communication used by my students and me. twitter has replaced at least three classroom technologies,and has streamlined our outside-the-classroom conversations and collaborations.

twitter has replaced the class listserv. for years,i’ve used a listserv (alternatively called a mailing list or discussion list) to extend our discussions beyond the classroom. these days,when we want to continue conversations,the 12 students in DMP,the 17 students in ESF,and i use twitter.

twitter has replaced email announcements. in the past,if something’s come up,or i want to add a reading,or we have a location change,i would send all the students in class an email. these days,when i have something to announce,or when my students have something to announce,we use twitter.

twitter has replaced the cardboard box i used to bring to class on due dates. in the past,my students would print out their papers and bring them to class;i’d collect them in a box and take them back to the office to grade. these days,my students write blogs,design flickr sets,upload vidoe,and post works-in-progress. when finished,they tweet about it so that i –and,more importantly,their peers –can check it out.

We’re doing similar in LIS768. Follow along  here: Feel free to chime in!

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Wow great uses of twitter in the classroom… love this..


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