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How do I see data for invalid clicks?

Add columns for invalid click data to your campaign statistics table, to see the number and percentage of clicks that have been classified as invalid and automatically filtered from your account. You aren’t charged for these clicks, and they don’t affect your account statistics.

Follow these steps to see invalid click data:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the main Campaigns tab.
  3. You can view invalid clicks data for each of your campaigns, or view the data by time period.

    • To view data by campaigns, click the Campaigns tab.
  4. To view data by time period:

    If you can see the Dimensions tab, click on it. If it’s not visible on the Campaigns tab, learn how to enable it.

    Select the appropriate view by clicking on the View drop-down in the toolbar above your statistics table. Choose a time period such as “Day of the week.”

  5. Click Columns, then select the following checkboxes:

    • Invalid clicks: See the number of invalid clicks filtered during the selected time period.
    • Invalid click rate: See the percentage of your total clicks that were filtered during the selected time period.
  6. Click Save.

Invalid click data should now appear in your table. If you’d like to download the data, click download button in the toolbar above the table. Learn how to create reports

Data for invalid clicks is only available after January 1, 2006. Learn how Google detects invalid clicks

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