Facebook postings can result in four years in prison – Ecademy

I see that two young men have just been sentenced to four years imprisonment following a case at Chester Crown Court. The pair were found guilty of using Facebook to “intentionally encourage another to assist the commission of an indictable offence” under Sections 44 and 46 of the Serious Crime Act.

In short, they posted messages on their Facebook pages specifying where and when people should meet prior to street disturbances in Northwich, Cheshire last week. They were organising a riot.

Why should this matter to any law-abiding citizens here? Because it’s clear that what you post on social networks can have legal consequences. It may not be incitement to riot, but defaming someone’s character, damaging the reputation of a company unfairly, or proposing violence (even in jest) could get a poster into serious trouble.

As always, think twice before you post anything online. It could come back to bite you.

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Prison for inciting riots on #facebook… worth a read


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