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An article’s title is important. Many readers will decide whether or not to read the article based on your article title. Problems with an article title can also lead to a rejected article. Follow the guidelines below for creating the perfect article title.


1. Reflect the Content of the Article – It is important the article title gives readers an idea of what to expect from the article. If a reader clicks on an article entitled “5 Ways to Spend Less Next Month” he or she expects to read about ways to save money. If the article does not offer this the reader is very likely to be disappointed.

2. Entice the Reader – The title needs to sell your article. Try to think of a catchy way to express the article topic. Think of what your article offers readers and make sure that is expressed in the title.

3. Keep It Short – Try to keep your title as short as possible while still getting your point across. You have the entire article to elaborate on your idea.

4. Check Your Spelling and Grammar– Spelling and grammar are important throughout the article however, they are even more important in the title. A title with a spelling or grammatical error could turn away potential readers.


1. Make it Promotional – Articles should not be promotional and nor should their titles. It should not discuss a specific product and should not include “Call to Actions” such as buy, download or watch.

2. Put Everything in Capital Letter – This is a common rejection reason which is so easy to avoid. You may capitalize the first letter of each word but you may not capitalize entire words.

3. Include the Name of the Company or Author- The company and/or author can be discussed in the Author Bio. They should not be mentioned anywhere other than the Author Bio.

4. Repeat Keywords – Redundant keywords in an article is almost always a sign of Spam. Only use keywords when they flow naturally in the text and use them in moderation.

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