All it takes is leather to bring them to heel…

… wow fabulous meeting… well behaved (for a change… shall be bringing the leather out again) and business bustling…

Thank you to Baiju for a fab 4sight that got everyone on their feet and thinking… 

Baiju Solanki 
(Performance Coaching and Training) 

BB Amanda Hill

Hello to visitors…




James Baker 
(Green Rate Telecom) 

We look forward to seeing you again soon… James here is link you wanted for training 

Thank you for great 1-2-1s with 


Colin Newlyn 
(Ecohouse Solar) 


Nigel Cook 
(Connected Marketing Limited) 

We have lots of threesomes at Harlow..


Paul Ibbotson 
(Channel Telecom Ltd) 



Debbie Tarling 
(Nockolds LLP Solicitors) 

17 booked in already next time… to see…


Getting your feet under the table…?
Jon Baker (venture-Now)

Actually I am sure Jon will enlighten us a tad more… however this will b confirmed soon.. I hope..


Are you…? Let me give you a hand… click on the link…

We also have the very popular 4N Learn session for an hour after the meeting… don’t forget to book in for that too… here..

See you soon 


The Social Media Cafe at 4N Harlow


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