Upset my friends at your peril.. boys DO NOT read this…

Really get on the wrong side of any woman protecting their friends and family and rather you than me… the hidden redhead will emerge like boadiccea in her chariot… brandishing whatever weapon is at hand to ensure justice prevails…

Boys I did warn you… the following prose contains language that is as toe-curling as discovering birds were not just feathered creatures that live in nests and bees not just pesky critters that buzzz…

I am a veritable pussycat most of the time, playful and soft with a penchant for having fun… but any woman will tell you looking this good takes effort… I don’t really worry about time issues (really you can’t turn it back countless with bigger bank balances have tried) but there are things a girl must do… like having an excellent eyebrow lady… who armed only with a piece of cotton adds shape to your smiles… (what do you mean you don’t smile with your eyes…you cold hearted sod and didn’t I say no boys allowed?).  Mine is a lovely lady from somewhere in the direction of malaysia… very petite and a clever kitten with the cotton… yes it hurts like hell… but so what I like the results… her command of English is not great but we manage to communicate well enough…  She always has a queue at her little open air booth in the middle of the little shopping mall close to my home and people return time and again…  a great little business…

Today I ventured out to the chemist next door and thought time to lift my spirits and stop looking wrecked…take a punt that she would like a last minute customer… she smiled and agreed… yay step 1 in resurrection… I stood and chatted to a new customer in front of me.. usual girly chat “Had I been before… yada yada” All responses positive and the total stranger was satisfied that the pain of having eyebrows ripped out hair by hair (boys I did say.. so don’t blame me) was worth the wait… it really doesn’t take long.  See we do take the advice and recommendation of complete and utter strangers…

As she settled in the chair for her turn two ladies brandishing leaflets came to the queue… I took one look and returned the marketing. I smiled, said thanks but no thanks and suggested it was a little naughty advertising a new hair and beauty salon around the corner to the queue of a competitor… they got aggressive and said why not and asked if I was local… absolutely I am and so were all of the people listening.  I was very gentle and suggested they might find some less aggressive tactics to attract their target market than poach directly from a queue of the competition… sadly they didn’t see this and became very vocal in front of about 20 ladies… instead of gaining customers they lost them judging by the dumped leaflets of the people around them.  I also suggested a joint venture whereas she would hand out their hair leaflets and they would use her for the eye brows but they didn’t seem to understand.  What they probably also don’t get… is what the ladies around them in the mall will talk about to their mates… “ooh don’t use the new salon because….” word of mouth is as destructive as it is powerful… especially when you add local in to the mix… and guess what.. “local” just got a whole heap faster thanks to social media channels like facebook and twitter…

My eyebrow expert was very thankful that someone had spoken up for her as she had tried 4 times earlier in the day but the two girls ignored her every time, I really do hate people who take advantage of others or who use underhand tactics to gain customers… it really isn’t necessary.  Gorilla marketing has its place but none of us like to be sold to aggressively and many of us will protect those around use, especially if they give a great service.  I think perhaps the girls got a bit carried away with the euphoria of promotion and didn’t stop to think of the consequences of their actions… I’m sure we are all guilty of that sometimes… but think they just made their journey that little bit harder.


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