Shake your ass like that & expect it slapping…

… really…  it’s not as small as you think and wantonly wiggling all over the show is asking for trouble… it may not be deliberate but someone will not be able to avoid it… and when you recoil from the impact of a huge slap you should not be upset… unless of course you really do want it…?

And it’s not as if it was great time or place to do it… road slippery with snow near Holloway… as you veered between the cars to move up one. What’s the matter does looking at the rear of a car make you feel inadequate?  You really shouldn’t… yours is quite big too…

The gestures of love given when I had the misfortune of pulling up alongside you in the traffic (cos your manic moves really didn’t get you anywhere) were as unimpressive as your driving..  You were quite right… it was “only a bit of snow not an infectious disease….” but as I pointed out to you that wasn’t the problem.. as you changed your mind and veered off to the left having indicated right…. sadly we can’t get drivers banned as easily as the advert for your black renault megane was…


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