If you want me to be unfaithful…

… you’re heading the right way..

Really… I am very hard to sway… glamour and money doesn’t excite me… position and power… you can keep them… presents are all very nice but I can buy my own and I am not a things person… seriously sexy? so??? 

I like what I like and that’s all there is to it really… and tend to stick with it… so getting me to change anything is going some… I’m not a stubborn pig-headed person… well ok maybe I am sometimes… but when I love something that’s it lifelong and forever… or is it…?

But one thing I cannot abide is a sales person being rude to me… believe me I can match you insult for insult and some… but mostly I choose not to… sugary sweet works much better usually… but fan the flame and you had better be lined with asbestos…

Several occasions this year have prompted the question mac or pc… I have always used pcs… I was lucky enough to be introduced to a Sony Vaio Laptop and it’s fab… a real work horse that gets dragged from pillar to post… the lead it came with was not an original and when I upgraded it recently I invested in a brand new Sony power lead… it deserved it… and the other one really didn’t fit properly… the new one has lasted 6 weeks… ok so I have been busy but even so… 6 weeks to start making very nasty noises is really not good… and the battery I replaced for only holding about 45 mins charge to the 3 hours on the new one has not come cheap…

So having tried to get hold of the supplier on Amazon and coming up against uncaring and unimpressive customer services and a system saying “No” it was time to locate a supplier… you know support local businesses and such… and go in a real shop… oer…

Sadly they all tried to sell me something I didn’t want… staying faithful to the brand and looking after my constant companion, I wanted the real deal… not a poor imitation… it is at this point hubby leaves me to it… he knows me soooo well… when my eyes start flashing and I am not smiling you are doing something wrong… sadly you do not see the signs… 

Returning home leadless and disappointed it’s back to my comfort zone, on-line… so search for Sony in my area… ooh a dealer… great, half and hour before they close… real looking site with slogan ” Make. Believe “and a number yay!  So I ring it and when finally picked up the assistant blows me away… for the wrong reasons… I know how much this lead costs… I’m not that old I can’t remember 6 weeks ago and of course I have looked on-line recently… so to be quoted over 3 x the cost… seriously… ok my instant response 4 letter word to the salesman wasn’t polite but it was perfectly apt… and described his response to the letter… putting the phone down me?  That wasn’t very nice or clever… so I called straight back and asked for the manager… oh dear you are the manager… some dialogue later and various wild accusations on your part and it transpires you are being paid by someone who has bought a franchise and it is perfectly acceptable to charge £95 for something everyone else sells for between £18 and £30….  So about £3 to make and well… the rest is mark-up…

The slogan is also quite fitting… it is pure “make believe” if you think customers don’t do research any more and will accept this absolutely disgraceful profiteering… so perhaps when I see a “Brand” name being bandied about I shall check out what that actually means… has someone bought the rights to flog a fairly standard product at some scary price…?

This man has made me think again about what I am using… this laptop will not last forever… and instead of staying faithful to a brand I have trusted for years and always previously associated with quality… I am now questioning my belief… low battery power – sorted by me at a cost, lead issue – 6 weeks before an original part burns out.. in the past all the little misdemeanours have been brushed over and ignored… now the actions of one person have made me think clearly and even about looking elsewhere…

Maybe a mac is sexy after all… now do you think it will prefer the black leather case or a shocking pink number…?


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