X-rated or X-factor..?

This week has seriously taken me out of my comfort zone… a client has an adult website for meeting, chatting and interacting… my husband thinks this is hilarious… they don’t even share smutty jokes with me in my family… so creating press releases, marketing and helping them on and off-line has been an interesting challenge…

I have never watched an adult film or bought/read a 18+ magazine… ok some of the chick lit novels might be a touch racy but nothing in comparison to the serious stuff on offer to those who are interested…

Each to their own…

Having to search for this target market has seriously stretched me… trying on one hand to protect the female entrepreneurs involved and also get people interested their product whilst not being involved… has been really hard work… and raised mroe than a few eyebrows…

I have treated it like any other… on-line searches, reading articles, researching competitors… and trying to maintain dignity and decorum… most people have been great… one or two have had a serious interest and the odd one has probably wondered what planet I am on or what I have taken (I don’t get involved in anything like that)… the bulk have been positive and some have even promoted to their own circles… however it is not something you share every day,, or is that just me? so judging reactions is not easy…. an odd way to market research!

You cannot always like or align with every product or company you deal with but, you do still have to try and think like them or even better their clients so exploring another world is a necessary evil… but believe me I am tethered very firmly in mine… where I feel safe and secure.

Sure I can write a racy headline or two… and maybe a few tame literotica pieces… but it is just a job… I either accept it and do it as well as I would for any client or I should say no and walk away… we all have choices.  If it is seriously bad or illegal I know what I will do

Stretching limits is fine… it is the only way to grow and learn what you are really happy doing and let’s face it… learning something new is always an experience… if it’s good you will want to do it again… if not you probably won’t.

This is not my world, but if a client needs help marketing for any business it is all based around the same criteria… find who wants/needs the goods and services and give them what they ask for… or even better make your product so good they have to have it – in spades…. and keep coming back for more… simply servicing or maybe creating a demand… so it may be X-rated content but there is quite clearly a market – the trick now is finding the magic that makes the clients vote this their favourite…


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