Mercedez Benz – luxury brand – shoddy service…

Really I am not that demanding… ok as a female I may be expected to be but… hey if the cap fits!

I don’t even like the cars… or what they stand for – or BMW (Bloody Minded W***ers) well you know what I mean… I have found expensive car drivers to often be right behind white van man when being impolite on the road… the more expensive the car the higher the testosterone levels soaring through them… hmm idea for new product to sell to the insurance companies… testosterone limiter… anyway, they hold no sway with me… four wheels and a roof (or soft top) is perfectly fine and as mine turn in to skips on wheels what is the point of having an expensive bin?

Anyway, I digress… following being shunted by a motorcyclist… we won’t go in to the why at this stage… hubby’s pride and joy silver E Class 320 needs some work on the bumper… the insurance company send him to Loughton Mercedes 2 weeks ago where they “discover” some bubbling ie it is going rusty… it’s a car they do that… however it is the month out of their 8 year warranty… so they are having to ask if it is going to be covered… oh that and because of their serious charging and less than luxury service.. not to mention their “quality”staff… has made him go elsewhere for servicing having tried them once (as was rammed down my throat by their less than helpful manager but more about him later).

Hubby has been trying to talk to Mark Ford (really) but he couldn’t be bothered to return his numerous calls.

I called Loughton and spoke to Fraser, think conversation with a dinosaur… anciently out of touch, lacking in manners and reciting from a dog-eared book of customer whitewash.. “holidays, not a computer decision, waiting for someone to assess it”.. seriously if your service is charged out at 18 carat prices then you had better make damn sure you are not substituting tin.

So call to head office… another waste if time and a lesson in how not to handle an irate wife trying to pacify her husband… forgive me but there are 7 days in a week and the dealerships are probably open at least part of if not all of them… so why on earth do the weekends disappear in to the ether when it comes to speaking to someone? If Mercedes really do only work on a 5 day week no wonder their pricing structure is sky high… or is this their way of being green and off setting the pollutants they push…?

So why did I get involved? Hubby tweeted how rubbish the service was… so must be bad… and I would like a quiet weekend please… I spotted it and thought “see if I can help”… as you do. I have hopefully alerted Mercedes by adding their twitter tag… and said how rubbish the Loughton dealership is… and been send a direct email for a the MD by a “follower” on twitter… you see this is the era of communication and if you are not listening it does not mean the world is not talking about you.  There are loads of other uber helpful people out there all “helping” each other, I would name the kind person who gave me the email but I don’t know if it would get him in bother so he knows who he is…

Who knows, when hubby takes his car in on Monday… the communication fairy may have visited and said yes of course we will do it for you return it ship shape and bristol fashion in a timely manner… and of course I may wake up not dreaming…



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