Bribery & Corruption @ The #Tory Party Conference…

Well what do you expect?  It’s full of politicians… or very soon will be.  Maybe it was my fault, but it’s blinkin hard work doing these things and the car park was miles away… so what’s a girl to do…. park up on site, unload car and then have to go get it to come back… when absolutely shattered – seriously?  When I could carefully look all weak and defenceless (ok maybe stretching it a tad) complete with specially mascarad lashes… and pink and black tracksuit… getting soaked earlier may have helped too..

But it worked, such a nice security man let me park there all day yesterday… whilst others had to comply… so when I nipped out for something to eat (well there was no way I was handing money over at the ICC in Birmingham – at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask when he held you up)… a box of biscuits was in order… with some chocolates… and a smile… all great currency for these events… and duly dispatched to said security man as a thank you.

So guess what.. today is a busier day and as luck would have it same security chap… magic…
The rest of the team wanted to know how I could park there on one day let alone both and they couldn’t… I blamed it on being female…


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